Kalyca, This One’s For You!

My brother and sister recently visited from Iowa, and while they were here I started a project. Kalyca picked out the pattern and fabric, and she even helped cut fabric and pin. I had to finish it after they left for home, but I finished it today!


This was my first time with bias tape around the arm holes, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing this from now on!

Happy sewing,

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Fabric Nirvana

Do you ever have one of those days where everything just falls into place?
I’m talking about shopping for fabric, of course. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem … well, I do and I like it!

Today I took a trip to Dallas. I decided to try a new shop – Golden D’Or Fabric Outlet. It is located on Harry Hines, which is … um …. often of ill repute? Needless to say, I didn’t get my hopes up as I pulled into the neighborhood. I’m pleased to say I was wrong.

You have to go through a little Singer repair shop to get to this warehouse-sized gem. My mind was blown, people. I walked the whole place just feeling the fabric for a while.

In the very back they have a large clearance room big enough to be its own store, where I found this:

I think it’s silk organza, but whatever it is, it was two bucks a yard and will work great for interlining. This, incidentally, was one of the purposes of my trip in the first place.

I was also on a mission to find fabric for the Colette Hazel my mom requested. She likes purple and polka dots.

Bam! I was two for two on my missions. I had to stop myself from buying anything else, because I still had another stop to make: CityCraft!

I just happened to be in the neighborhood (read: five miles away) so I decided to check out their summer sale. Holy cannoli, the deals were so good I kind of feel like I ripped them off. I’m not sorry one bit. Here’s what I picked up:

Moda layer cake!

Colette Macaron pattern (I can’t get enough Colette!)

More from the Washi collection

Amy Butler fabric from the Lark collection!

Border-print fabric from the Monsterz line!

Here’s the other side of the border-print: paper airplanes!

Another Monsterz fabric that coordinates with the border-print! I may make a dress using the two.

I payed thirty bucks for miles of organza and the purple polka dots, and my CityCraft trip was about half off! I’m so excited to match these fabrics with projects.

I have some of my fabrics set aside for “rewards” to myself – for example, I lost ten pounds so I get to cut into some Amy Butler this week.

Do you shop pattern first, then find a fabric that fits, or do you buy fabric that inspires you then find a pattern to show it off? I do a little of each.

All in all, I’m in a very zen fabric place right now.

Happy sewing,

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Colette Lily: Muslin Complete

Today Eric and I went to the Dallas World Aquarium, and I managed to hurt myself on the way in. I rolled my right ankle, and fell so that I skinned the top of my left foot. Thus, I entered the aquarium limping and bleeding. Not far from a typical outing for me!

On to the good stuff: I finished my muslin of the Colette Lily! I used the stitching lines for my muslin, so I had to trace the pattern, mark my stitching lines, connect the dots, then fit it on my dress form. It worked very well, and the bodice makes me pleased as punch!


I laid out all the pieces on the guest bed. Skinny Mini looked on with disdain from her pillow perch. She likes nap with me while I sew, but if I’m gone when she wakes up she cries. How stinkin’ cute is that?

I’m using an Amy Butler fabric for the dress, and I’m going to try to find a matching solid for the bodice and pocket flaps. I would share a picture of the “peacock” print, but it’s being prewashed right now.

Happy sewing,

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Craftsy Class: The Couture Dress

After some recent frustrations with fitting and linings, I enrolled in a Craftsy course called The Couture Dress. This class has been a real gem!

I have learned more in the last week of watching the online videos than I have in the last year elsewhere. The couture process is time intensive but produces much more fitted garments. I’m currently using this process on the Colette Lily that I had previously become frustrated with. In about a day, I was able to fit the bodice panels successfully.

Have you taken a Craftsy course? I would love to hear about it.

Happy sewing,

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Blue Maxi Skirt

Jess wanted a maxi skirt like mine, and this time I was better prepared. The Sergebeast purred and I remembered to use jersey needles on my regular machine for the basting stitches. Success!


Doesn’t it look good on her?

Cost: five bucks for a yard and a half of fabric, thread I already had on hand

Time: maybe about forty-five minutes, including cutting, assembly, and hemming on the lovely Jess

I think I will try to make another for myself, now that I’ve tweaked the assembly process.

Happy sewing,

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Skylar Versus the Sergebeast of Infinite Doom, Round Two

I mentioned recently that I had finally managed to thread the Sergebeast, and even make a maxi skirt with it, but my stitches certainly didn’t look pretty.

Today I sat down with the sole purpose of learning to adjust the tension. That was two hours ago. I finally got to the point where the stitches looked pretty, and in my false confidence I decided to try the 3-thread stitch instead of the 4-thread I just figured out.

At some point, I learned that the presser foot does indeed come up with a lever similar to that on my regular machine. I never put it back down.

I proceeded to spend an hour yelling at the Sergebeast for being impossible and stupid for not executing what should have been an easier stitch. I rethread the machine, change the tension, played with dials that I had absolutely no idea the purpose of, but no dice. I decided to change thread and go back to four cones, but that wouldn’t work either! You’ve got to be kidding, that just worked for me an hour ago!

Then I sat there and stared the Sergebeast down, and the Sergebeast stared right back and winked. Stupid presser foot.

All is well now, as long as I stop touching it.. I wrote down the tension numbers that work, and I won’t be making any adjustments unless I need to serge something like cotton. For now I am using knits so I think I will stop poking the monster in the eye.


Happy serging,

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SONP Maxi Skirt

In an effort to use my newly acquired serger skills, I decided to brave the world of knit fabrics!

Norma Jean knows how to take one for the team! I need to get her a little cami to just leave on the dress form.

I haven’t figured out how to adjust the tension to compensate for knit fabrics, so the serging was a little wonky but now I have a long skirt. I used some fabric that I bought for cheap to play with, but I will definitely try this out again with a lighter weight knit.

Happy sewing,

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