My Sewing Room

After much procrastination, here it is!










The white furniture is from Ikea and is a bit of a hack. The desk was meant to attach to the big Expedit bookcase when it is upright, but instead it is on top of it. This left the “leg” end several inches off the ground, and is currently being held up by two little Ikea shelves. I’m going to spray paint two bricks to take their place.

It rarely looks this clean – indeed, the closet has suffered so that I could feign an appearance of order. Each little basket does serve a purpose – patterns, scrap fabric, scrap interfacing, completed Etsy shop items, and marketing products. The littler cubes by my machine store my pincushion, bobbin saver, bobbin winder, and other odds and ends. I keep my black box of scrap booking items under my sewing table to keep my pedal from sliding around.

The framed art by the white flowered branches was created by my friend Jess. One of a kind sewing-themed artwork! My magnetic board and strip are a little crowded these days.

I’m glad I finally shared my sewing room, it makes me want to go start another project and dirty it up again!

Happy sewing,


About skylarchastain

I am a fifth grade math and science teacher. In my spare time I love to sew and create my own patterns. I'm trying to branch out into tutorials as well. I live in Texas with my husband Eric and our kitties.
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10 Responses to My Sewing Room

  1. Danielle says:

    Aw I love it! Can’t wait to move into a bigger house and have my own 😀

  2. TheTragicWhale says:

    Your sewing room is beautiful!

  3. I am so jealous! Great job 🙂

  4. Corinne says:

    It looks wonderful! I wish my sewing room didn’t also have a guest bed in it.

  5. Awesome!! It’s so a luxury to have your own space, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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