Messenger from Hell

Alternate title: Skylar’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Bag

The first problem was my solution to the what-the-hay-is-hair-canvas problem. I wanted the messenger bag to be sturdy, so I chose some thick Pellon fusible. After ironing it onto all the fabric, I immediately regretted this decision. I spent the afternoon wishing I had chosen something (anything!) else. I had the worst time during construction ever. Except maybe the last time I tried to use the same type of Pellon. I learn from my mistakes about as well as my fifth graders.

The Pellon was so thick I had to use a jeans needle after I broke a regular needle the first time I had to sew two pieces together. Also, I am now averse to gussets. Curves + Pellon = lots of shouting that may have scared my husband.

The bright side? After all the adjustments, yelling, and spending essentially an entire day on something that should have taken a few hours to do, I now have a pretty fabulous messenger bag for work.





I do love the D ring on the side so I can clip my keys on. I think in the future I will add some pockets to the front beneath the flap, and also on the inside. Maybe some little ones perfect for pens and pencils. I used a fabric fusible Velcro for the closure, and I am never sewing on Velcro again! I love this stuff! I was skeptical at first, but now I’m a convert.

Have you had a project that went awry? Let’s learn from each others’ mistakes.

Happy sewing,


About skylarchastain

I am a fifth grade math and science teacher. In my spare time I love to sew and create my own patterns. I'm trying to branch out into tutorials as well. I live in Texas with my husband Eric and our kitties.
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7 Responses to Messenger from Hell

  1. Victoria says:

    it looks fabulous! what pattern did you use? I’m thinking I want to make one. I will keep in mind your issues with the pelon though. Maybe my friends at my local JoAnns will know what hair canvas is or what I could use instead.

  2. Ugh! Gussets! I hate them. Congrats on finishing. It looks great!

  3. Lou's Labors says:

    Looks great! I love the fabric you used 🙂

  4. Corinne says:

    I’m sorry you had so much trouble with it, but it looks wonderful!

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