A Wee Update

A few updates in the casa de Chastain:

New washer and dryer! No more Russian roulette with clothes being burned.

More fabric! Husband might not be aware of this one…

Custom order for seven matching make up bags is nearing completion. Assembly line idea has paid off.

There is a flower growing next to my back patio. I don’t know how it got there but it’s enormous and white.


Haircut! My hair is long (we’re talking halfway down my back) and my new hairdresser kept the length but added layers to the front and a little side bang action.

Manicure! Jess and I went to the salon together so I got my digits painted while she got her hair cut, then we switched. I love days out with my homegirl.


A lot on my plate at work getting the kiddos ready for their science state assessment, but I’m up for it.

Pics of sewing room are still in the works, I finally switched the bulbs in my light fixture so the walls finally look coral instead of orange.

Wishing you all happy and productive days,


About skylarchastain

I am a fifth grade math and science teacher. In my spare time I love to sew and create my own patterns. I'm trying to branch out into tutorials as well. I live in Texas with my husband Eric and our kitties.
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3 Responses to A Wee Update

  1. Hey! That flower in your backyard is Datura, or Jimsonweed, and it is highly toxic! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datura Just so you know 🙂 I personallyt think they are lovely, but dont let any kids or pets take a bite.

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