Tutorial: Zippered Pouch

This is the way I make zippered pouches. I like to cover the ends of my zippers but for this size, it’s not vital.

Let’s start with supplies. For this pouch, I used pieces of fabric cut to 6 inches by 8 inches. Two of the outer fabric and two of the lining. I added fusible interfacing because I had some scrap pieces the right size. I find it really helps the bag holds its shape if you are using quilting weight cotton like I do. You also need two smaller pieces for the covered zip that you will cut to size as you go. Also a zipper, of course! This one is 8 inches.


Start with covering the zipper ends. Fold your scraps in half, right side out. Press. Align with the zip ends and trim excess. Sew in place with an edgestitch. I like to see it down at the end as well so that there is less fabric shift as you see several layers later.


Next you need to make a “sandwich” as follows: lining fabric right side up, zipper right side up, main fabric right side down. This is the 8 inch side of the fabrics – the longer side! Don’t pin the 6 inch side by accident. The following pic has the correct layers.

Pin the edge of the lining fabric, zipper, and main fabric.

Make sure your zipper is open. Sew a 1/4″ seam allowance, stopping with the needle down BEFORE you get to the zipper. Raise your presser foot and slowly ease the zipper closed past your needle. Lower the presser foot and continue sewing until the end. Did I mention backtacking at the beginnings and ends of seams? Do that. Open up your sandwich and press so that it looks like the pic below.

Edgestitch if you would like – I always do, it seems to make the zips look a little more polished.
Repeat the fabric sandwich with the other side. When you are finished it will look like this:

Notice that the zipper is OPEN. This is very important and you will curse yourself later if you don’t open it now. So. Do. It. Now match your main fabrics together and your linings together, right sides together. Pin. Notice where I put two pins, this is to remind me NOT to sew this gap in the lining. You need this opening to turn the whole thing right side out.

Sew a 1/4″ seam allowance all the way around, except for the gap on the lining bottom. Trim the corners to decrease bulk.

Turn the pouch right side out, but don’t push the lining into the pouch. Use a point turner to get the corners nice and crisp. Then press the lining opening closed, pin, and edgestitch. The white thread doesn’t show well in the following pic, but that also demonstrates how little you will notice my quickie method of finishing the lining.

Stuff the lining into the pouch and you’re done! I hope this was helpful.




Happy sewing,


About skylarchastain

I am a fifth grade math and science teacher. In my spare time I love to sew and create my own patterns. I'm trying to branch out into tutorials as well. I live in Texas with my husband Eric and our kitties.
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3 Responses to Tutorial: Zippered Pouch

  1. Salma says:

    I needed this tutorial! I’m trying to make a zippered lingerie pouch but am having issues with my zipper and this tutorial should solve it. For your help you get a Leibster award from me! Check it out: http://beautifullysewn.com/2012/02/25/my-leibster-shoutouts/

  2. Your pouch turned out great—especially the tab corners. I make my pouches the same way, but sometimes the tab corners don’t push out all the way. When the pouch is flat and you are sewing around the whole thing, is your zipper curved toward the lining? Or toward the outside fabric? Thanks for any insight you can provide!

  3. I change it up, but usually I push the zipper towards the lining when sewing around the large rectangle. Good question!

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