Another blog?!?!

I know I haven’t had a lot of time to be on here. Grad school trumps sewing time. However, I am also working on getting fit! Please join me over on and we can keep each other motivated!


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Scallop-Print Bag

I’ve been trying to de-stash for a while, so I decided to sacrifice a hoarded half-yard of fabric to make a purse.
Maverick wanted to help show it off.




Minnie was jealous, so she got her day in the sun, too.

I’ve got another project in the works, but as it’s a birthday present I will have to keep it under wraps for now.

Happy sewing,

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Butterfly Bag from Two Fat Quarters

My niece is five and I’m already training her eye for fabric. She picked out two fat quarters for a bag. I hope she likes it!



I’m thinking about writing a tutorial, because I counted my fat quarters today and lost count at around 160. Let’s just say I’ve got the spare fabric for tutorials!

I cut out two purses, but I think I will save assembly for another day unless I get a random spurt of energy later.

Happy sewing,

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IPhone and Etcetera Organizer

My friend Lou wanted an organizer for her impending iPhone purchase, and I’ve been looking for a reason to work felt into my sewing projects.


I think it turned out fairly well.

Happy sewing,

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365 Days of Craft

Let’s review 2012: it bleepity-bleeped. A lot.

It was the first year I learned (naturally the fun way) what my health insurance deductible was – twice. Did I mention that one of the perks of being a teacher is that your insurance year starts in September? Super fun!

It was the year I finally learned what the HEY is going on with my pain. Sure, it took most of the year and thousands of dollars to get there and it’s a condition that will never go away, but the past two months have been (mostly) pain free!

I attended my first and second craft fairs in October – what an experience!

As for 2013, I’m going to aim for 365 days of craft – sewing or some sort of crafty business every day. It may be eight minutes or eight hours, but I want to accomplish something each day.

For Day 1, I finished a messenger bag for Jess.




I love me some Amy Butler prints!

Happy sewing,

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WIP: Giraffe Diaper Bag

I’m trying to decide whether or not to do a craft show in December. I haven’t tackled a long project in a while, so I decided to make a couple diaper bags. I mean, eventually someone I know will have a baby and I will have a gift ready (if it doesn’t sell).

I’ve finished the outside, still working on the inside trying to customize the pockets. I have another one in the works that also has giraffes in yellow, gray and black.

Happy sewing,

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My First Craft Fair

This weekend I’ve been at Martin High School with my good friend Lou selling my wares. We got put in a hall all by ourselves, but luckily everyone has to walk down that hall to get from one place to the next.



Also I bought Eric a book:

He did not find it nearly as funny as I did.

Happy sewing and selling!

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